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Let The Generalist help you find your way through the overwhelm

As a sole trader or small business owner you are always juggling your workload. Whether you're in start up mode or have been operating for years, it can be overwhelming just trying to keep up, let alone progress. Time is more often spent working in the business than on the business and sometimes you just can't see a way through. Even when you know exactly what's needed, it's near impossible to find time to do it. 


That's where The Generalist comes in. Sometimes all you need is a sounding board. An experienced ear to
listen to your challenges, ask the right questions and connect the dots in order to get enough clarity to move forward. 
Other times you need help with strategic business planning or sales and marketing planning. Or maybe you just need someone to help you with a project that you are unable to complete yourself.


From a simple clarifying conversation right through to strategic planning and delivering on projects for you, with over 25 years hands-on experience working in and/or running small businesses, The Generalist can help you with pretty much anything. Together we can create growth strategies, cost-cutting solutions and action plans, and get those projects completed.

Whatever you need, I am here to help.

Let's Talk

  • Get clarity, advice and recommendations. 100% confidential.

    1 hr

    180 New Zealand dollars


If you already know what you need but don't have the resources to do it, The Generalist can help. Please provide details below.

I may also be interested in help with:

Thanks for contacting me, I'll be in touch shortly.

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