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The Generalist


Hi, my name is Pip. I am The Generalist. I help small businesses with anything and everything they need, from acting as a sounding board, to helping with strategy, to performing project work and admin.


My whole career has been spent working in and helping small businesses be more successful. A true generalist, I have hands-on experience across most areas of business; from sales, marketing, customer service, operations, digital development, business development, HR and management accounting to strategic planning. I use this breadth of knowledge and understanding of business operations to connect the dots and solve problems for small business owners. If I don’t know something, I learn it, and I have an innate ability to see the big picture whilst making sense of minute details. From start ups to long established businesses, there is nothing more fulfilling for me than to share my generalist knowledge and experience to help them be more successful.

I am inspired by the passion and determination of small business owners, the creativity of their ideas, and their fearless, selfless, hard-working natures.


When you need a sounding board, I come with fresh eyes, relevant questions and experience to help you find enough clarity and confidence to take steps forward.


When you're struggling to get your strategies clear, I work with you on business planning, growth and innovation, sales and marketing planning and marketing strategies. 


When you don't have the time to perform research or critically analyse business processes and digital tools, I perform it for you. When you're not sure how to build your own website, get your SEO working, create content or implement digital marketing strategies, I do that for you too, and more.


Whether you are a small business or sole trader looking to start up, or an experienced small business owner in need of a hand, please do get in touch, I'd love to help.

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