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For start-up and established businesses

"When times are good you should advertise. When times are bad you must advertise."

  • Struggling to get sales?

  • Not sure how to create a marketing plan?

  • Worried that you're not targeting the right people?

  • Find digital marketing and social media confusing?

  • Need an e-commerce strategy?


In a one-on-one marketing strategies workshop we will run through marketing planning and marketing strategies relevant to your business.

Depending on the nature of your business and where you are in your business lifecycle, we will cover marketing planning, budgets, measuring results, identifying and developing your competitive advantage, target markets, customer profiling and tactics for each market, promotional strategies and lead generation techniques, selling skills and techniques, including e-commerce.

You will leave our session with a draft marketing plan ready for your final touches and the inspiration to deliver on it.

Let's get the right marketing strategies in place for your business.

NOTE: This one-on-one workshop is registered with the Management Capability Development Fund. Small businesses may qualify for vouchers to help pay for this workshop. Find out more by visiting

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